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At an early age, Chapman had already found her calling as a musician. She began by writing poetry, and then at the age of eight she received her first guitar as a gift from her mother. Chapman quickly progressed with the guitar and also learned to play the ukulele and the piano. Her initial interest in poetry developed into a talent for writing her own music.

It was during her time at college that Tracy Chapman’s interest in folk rock and singer-songwriters was forged. After hearing a set of demo tapes Chapman had recorded at the local college radio station, an impressed classmate, Brian Koppelman, recommended her to his father Charles, Koppelman, who was head of SBK Publishing. Chapman signed with SBK in 1986 and through them secured a management contract with Elliot Roberts, who was well-known for his work with Neil Young and Joni Mitchell.


In 1988 Tracy Chapman released her self-titled debut album to shocking commercial and critical success. The album created an instant fan base for the emerging star and is also considered to have had a lasting effect on the music industry. Chapman was one of the only artists at the time to work from the confessional singer/songwriter style. She combined the ’70’s folk foundation with simple melodies and meaningful lyrics, and her immediate success with the style ushered in an entirely new era of singer/songwriters that continued well into the ’90s.

Tracy Chapman begin touring and gaining an even larger following. Within just a few months of the release of her debut album, Chapman performed in the internationally televised concert for Nelson Mandela’s 70th birthday.. Her landmark single ‘Fast Car’ begin to climb the charts, peaking at number six, and introducing her to a throng of fans in the pop world. Sales of the album soared along with the single, and by the end of the year over ten million copies sold, making it multi-platinum. The following year, Chapman’s record won three Grammy’s, including the coveted Best New Artist.

For her follow-up album, Tracy Chapman released Crossroads (1989). The album, which was far more political than her debut and contained darker lyrics, went multi-platinum, peaking at number nine on the charts.

Tracy Chapman went into relative seclusion following the release of Crossroads, but did continue to perform at charity concerts. Chapman reemerged three years later in 1992 with her third album Matters of the Heart.

Three years after Matters of the Heart, Chapman shocked industry watchers with her tremendously successful fourth album New Beginnings (1995). The album sold over three million copies in the U.S. alone, restoring Chapman’s commercial success. From the album, the bluesy single ‘Give Me One Reason’ became the first hit single, and the album quickly climbed into the Top Ten by the end of the year. For this single, Tracy Chapman won her fourth Grammy for Best Rock Song.

Chapman had made a quiet but strong comeback, but rather than put out another new album right away, she went on a four year sabbatical, but continued to give live performances. She joined the legendary Lilith Tour and again showing her support for human rights by performing at the Amnesty International Human Rights Tour, the Bob Marley One Love Tribute in Jamaica, and the Beastie Boys Tibetan Freedom Festival in Chicago.

In 2000, Tracy Chapman once again returned to the music scene with the release of her fifth album Telling Stories. This album had more of a rock feel, veering away from the folk sound her songs traditionally imbued. From this emotionally stirring album, the single ‘Telling Stories’ was a relative hit and played heavily on European airwaves.

In October of 2002, Chapman released her sixth album Let It Rain. The album peaked at number 25 on the Billboard chart, and received great reviews for its classically rich Chapman vocals and brooding lyrics. To promote the album, Chapman began touring in early 2003. Her first stop was France, and from there she made her way throughout Europe. In June she began a two month United States tour. In 2004, right before the Presidential elections, Chapman briefly toured again to benefit

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