What services does Headline Booking provide?

Headline Booking is a full-service white glove concert production company. Specializing in high end private events, our staff if here to listen to your wants and needs and work with you to book the perfect headline artist for your event AND to ensure all production elements and logistics are attended to for a seamless wonderful performance. Our staff and production crew will be onsite to coordinate and oversee everything as well as to work with you, your staff and all other vendors who may be part of the event. 


What type of events does Headline Booking specialize in?

Headline Booking books A-List headline talent and provides full production services for private parties, corporate events and fundraisers.


How do I book a performer for my event?

Please fill out an Artist Request Form or call 212.432.4400 to speak with the staff at Headline Booking to learn more about any performer you may be interested in.


Can Headline Booking book any artist I am looking for?

YES. Headline Booking works exclusively with A-List Headline Artists and our longstanding relationships with the artists and their representation allow Headline Booking to be a conduit to any artists our clientele may be interested in, worldwide. 


Can Headline Booking book any artist I am looking for?

The cost of booking a headliner for your event depends on several factors:

  • Your desired artist
  • Event location
  • Artist availability
  • Scheduling

To learn more and receive more information, please call Headline Booking at 212.432.4400 or fill out an Artist Request Form. The staff of Headline Booking is here to assist you.


What are the aspects necessary for a performance by a headline artist?

Headline Booking works with you to ensure all things for a fantastic performance are in place. The list below is a guideline for all things necessary and essential:

  • Artist’s fee & airfare
  • All production elements, including but not limited to, staging, sound, lights & backline equipment (artist’s “gear”)
  • Hotel accommodations and local ground transportation for artist & crew at event location
  • Catering & rider requirements
  • Power, labor & an onsite production staff


If I am having a smaller event, is everything listed necessary?

Every event is different. The staff of Headline Booking will work with you to scale everything to fit your event while maintaining the necessary components essential for a superior performance.


What locations does Headline Booking serve?

Headline Booking produces private luxury concerts worldwide. Your Favorite Artist with Your Favorite People in Your Favorite Place, anywhere in the world.