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By now, Kenny Rogers has become such an icon that it’s easy to forget how he got there. The songs on 42 Ultimate Hits, bringing together the top songs of his career from the late 60s First Edition years up to his current return to the charts, offers a crash-course reminder that Rogers is a star because he excels at his craft.


Just look at the titles: ‘Lady,’ ‘Ruby Don’t Take Your Love to Town,’ ‘The Gambler,’ ‘She Believes in Me,’ ‘Islands in the Stream,’ ‘We’ve Got Tonight,’ ‘Buy Me A Rose.’ Not a ditty among them. Then listen. The sweetly raspy vocals are instantly identifiable as Kenny Rogers – he sounds like nobody else. More importantly, he inhabits each song, making it vivid and tangible. For more than five decades, Rogers has delivered memorable songs, drawing fans among rock, pop, soul and country audiences.

Houston-born Rogers formed his first band while in high school in 1956 and never quit making music from that point on. The rockabilly group, called The Scholars, got a record deal and released two singles that had local success, and led to a performance spot on American Bandstand. Soon afterward, Rogers joined the Bobby Doyle Trio, playing stand-up bass in the jazz band, and appearing on their album. In 1966 he became a member of the New Christy Minstrels, the popular folk group, leaving a year later to form The First Edition with other members of the troupe.

The spotlight started focusing on Rogers when the group got their first hit, ‘I Just Dropped In (To See What Condition My Condition Was In).’ Within a year the band was called Kenny Rogers and The First Edition, and his distinctive voice led the group to both pop and country chart success with ‘Ruby, Don’t Take Your Love To Town,’ written by Mel Tillis. The double-genre success struck again with ‘Reuben James,’ and the group landed their own TV variety show.

In 1974, Kenny Rogers and the First Edition disbanded, leaving Rogers at a crossroads. He’d already had some success among country fans with the First Edition and he was drawn to the type of story songs that populated the genre. It was the perfect transition for him. ‘Love Lifted Me,’ went Top 20 in 1975, but it was the ‘Lucille’ that shot him into the stratosphere. Tops at country, it also succeeded on the pop chart, was named the CMA’s Single of the Year and was certified Gold.

‘Daytime Friends,’ ‘Sweet Music Man,’ and ‘Love or Something Like It’ continued his run of success. Then came ‘The Gambler,’ a story song so vivid it not only delighted country and pop fans, it also became a TV movie, starring Rogers himself in the title role. It started Rogers on a second career as an actor on television and movies, including another TV movie based on one of his hit songs, ‘Coward of the County.’

Though theoretically a country singer, Rogers dominated the pop charts, consistently finding songs with universal appeal. ‘I’ve never considered myself a great singer, but I am a great storyteller,’ Rogers told Billboard magazine, also noting that he feels his strength as an artist, is in finding great songs. In the 1980s he came to embody the role of the sensitive male, singing such romantic hits as ‘Through The Years,’ ‘She Believes In Me,’ ‘You Decorated My Life,’ and ‘Lady,’ the biggest song of his career.

On 42 Ultimate Hits, every great Kenny Rogers song from every phase of his career is included.

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